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Balloon Bridge: This fun project helps students to gain excellence in engineering! Students are given materials to design and build a bridge that can hold at least 5 textbooks using 2 classroom chairs and 15 balloons. The Structure must function extraordinarily well, holding up under atypical stresses. This activity teaches problem solving, divergent and critical thinking  skills.

Micro Robotics: In this session students design and build their own Robot! Students will build a Brushbot, which is a very simple type of “robot”.  Micro robotics is the field of miniature robotics, in particular mobile robots with characteristic dimensions less than 1mm.

Rocketry: Students design and build their rockets based on scientific concepts like, aerodynamics, center of gravity, and point of balance, apogee, drag and thrust, to see who designs, builds, and launches the best rocket.  This fun activity builds problem solving and skills that improve students performance and attitude toward math.

Robot Hand:  Each student is challenged to design a Robotic Hand that functions like their hand.  It must be able to curl its fingers inward, point, and pick up objects. This is a fun activity that builds skills in biology.

Build a  Boat: Students will design, build and test a boat made of the material of their choice. Students will choose from aluminum foil, milk carton, and plastic. The students will make the choice based on a lesson in engineering. The engineering challenge is for students to build a boat that can hold the most materials while floating on water.

 Biome in a Baggie: This lesson covers a basic understanding of the world’s land biomes through short video clips and a hands-on investigation.  Kids will create their own biome and take it home!  Students will nurture and grow their creations at home.

 Code for the Cure: In this session we will make a Binary Bracelet using the binary number system and binary code to spell a word that relates to breast cancer. Students are introduced to code and how it is stored in a computer.  This session is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, in addition to building math and logic skills.

Cyber BullyingKids N Technology’s Cyber Bullying  explore the  24/7, social nature of digital media and technologies; the role of digital media in their lives; digital footprints; and  how to control what they post online.

Rocketry:   Concepts in physics, math, and engineering.  Kids make a paper rocket that is strong enough to withstand at least 50 lbs. of  air pressure, then launch them under adult supervision.  Fun lessons in aerodynamics, center of gravity,  and point of balance.   This fun activity builds problem solving creativity, and critical thinking  skills. Grades (k-5)


Color Science:  Explore science and math.  Research, Project Based Learning, and Creativity. Create a Spectrometer, Calculate Dimensions.  Students conduct the preliminary research to learn about the science of color. As you learn about the color science, you will be make your own spectrometer. 

Lip Balm Science:  Explore chemistry and math.  Lip balm prevents our lips from becoming too dry or chapped. Some have color, smell great and moisturize! This activity will teach us the important components of lip balm and how it is made.

Lotion Science:   Explore STEAM concepts like critical thinking, problem solving, and project based learning.   Learn how lotion works to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.  Discover the the three layers of  the skin,  then make your own.

Bubble Bath Science: Build  research,  creativity and critical thinking skills and make your own bubbly bubble bath.  Students explore,  basic science concepts  like atoms and molecules, 

Soap Jelly Science:  Research, Project Based Learning, and Creativity.  Learn about matter, investigate atoms, elements, molecules, and compounds. Kids have fun jiggling  jelly soap and  visualizing basic science terms and concepts of matter.

…and many many more!

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