Kids N Technology put the “T” in STEM! It’s the driving force behind life! It’s also the main ingredient of Kids N Technology’s® secret sauce! However Kids N Technology®  is   an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum that includes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The Kids N Technology Curriculum is lifestyle driven. Students engage in “their” real-world experiences through exploration, inquiry, and using problem-solving techniques.
Critical thinking, creativity, effective collaboration, research skills, and communication come naturally.

What make Kids N Technology’s Curriculum Different?

  1. Enrichment education that challenge and guides exploration, discovery, and play. 
  2.  Our unconditional approach that focus on learning not teaching. 
  3. KNT blends divergent thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration to give students the opportunity to engage in  activities that develop their learning journey
  4. Use Technology to address STEM challenges. We incorporate 1 to 1 laptop technology, android tablets, etc. tools used to make life easier and better.
  5. Each session includes an authentic assessment of skills, creativity, attitudes, and student participation.
  6. Kids In Technology is defining the future of education.


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