FAQ for Educators

Based on our partnerships with schools and community organizations, we have listed the most frequently asked questions to serve as a guide for inquiries that you may have before inviting Kids-N-Technology® to your site. However, if you do not find the answers you are looking for here, please email us, info@kidsntechnology.net or call our office, 704.469.3535.

Q. What is the requirement to host a Kids-N-Technology program at our site?

Kids-N-Technology® STEM enrichment programs can be hosted at any local school, university, faith-based organization, or community center. Since 2002, we have been building successful partnerships nationwide. To see a list of the specific requirements, review the Program Logistics page.

Q. How long is the program?

The Summer camp is four to five days; After-school is implemented one to five days per week; and the Saturday program is on Saturday mornings. The program dates, hours, and times are easily modified to accommodate your specific site needs. Typically, middle schools host half-day schedules, four days per week. Other sites prefer multiple weeks of programming. Program lengths and hours are flexible and vary for each site.

Q. How many students are required to participate to host a summer camp at our site?

We require a minimum of 15 students per week to host a summer camp.

Q. What is the program cost?

There is no cost to the school or organization to host a Kids-N-Technology® program. Our online registration allows parents to submit tuition payments via our secure server. However, school districts or 21st century community learning centers may use federal funds to provide the program to their students, when the parent-paid model is not an option. Corporate partnerships and nonprofit foundation grants are also viable options to implement the program.

Q. Will the program hire teachers from our school?

Yes. Kid-N-Technology always gives first priority to teachers from host site.

FAQ for Parents

Q. Will my child take the computer home?
Kids-N-technology gives you two options; take the system home or enjoy the excitement of learning to build a computer only. Either way, your child will have a blast!

Q. My child has a computer, can he attend the camp without bringing the computer home?
Yes, you have the option of taking a computer home or taking the class only. Nonetheless, all students will build a computer

Q. Will my child have help in building his/her computer?
Of course! All Kids-N-Technology Summer Camp instructors are certified computer technicians, educators and/or trainers. The goal of the program is for students to take these skills with them when they leave, and improve them at home. Our instructors work closely with campers, encouraging them to solve problems themselves, and giving them assistance when it is needed.

Q. What is the student to teacher ratio in the Build Your Own PC Class?
Our Build Your Own PC camps have a 6:1 camper: teacher ratio.

Q. How is camp safety ensured?
We take safety very seriously. Summer camp sites are very busy hosting several programs, however, our campers are not allowed anywhere on campus without a Kids-N-Technology staffer near by. In addition, campers are required to wear camp shirts at all times, so we can easily see where all our students are.

Q. How much does it cost if my camper does not bring the computer home?
See Summer  Camp Page for cost

Q. What is the refund policy?
See policies page

Q. What are the specifications of the computer?
Due to frequent upgrades and new technology,  the specifications of the computers are determined 30 days prior to the first day of camp.

Q. Are the components new?
Yes. All components are new. Kids-N-Technology does not accept any old/used parts for use in campers’ systems.

Q. What is the student to teacher ratio for After-School and Saturday programs?
Kids-N-Technology’s student to teacher ration is 15:1 for middle school programs and 10:1 for elementary school programs.

Q. My child is entering fifth grade. Can he/she attend?
The Kids-N-Technology program are written to accommodate students ages 10 and over.

Q. My child needs to take medication. Who will dispense it?
All medication must be delivered (in the original container in which it was dispensed) and administered by a pre-authorized individual designated by you. No member of the Kids-N-Technology program is permitted to administer medication. We will, however remind children when it is time to take their medication and supervise them as they take it, so long as you have authorized self-administration. If you are not comfortable with your child self-administering his or her medication, you or a pre-authorized individual are welcome to come to the site to dispense the medication when necessary.

Q. What do children need to bring to the program?
Typically, children are not required to bring anything to class, however, at the end of registration, you will be given access to the Program Info Sheet. The Information sheet will detail the program location, directions, map, and any items that  are necessary for children to bring to class.

Q. What happens if a program is cancelled?
We do everything possible to see that a program takes place. If for any reason we have to cancel a program, you will have the option to receive a full refund or we can place your child in another program. When and if a program cancels, we notify each participant as soon as possible.

Q. Are there early drop-off and late pick-up options?
The Kids-N-Technology program does not provide early drop-off or late pick-up. Sometimes, the site may offer this at an additional cost. This information is provided on the Locations page, if applicable, or you call our office. Contact Us.

Q. Can I donate tuition for a child?
Yes! There are many children who would love to attend the Kids-N-Technology program but cannot due to financial constraints. Whether interested in sponsoring a child in need or specific child, please Contact Us.

Q. How can I bring Kids-N-Technology to my community?
Complete form on Contact Us page.

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