Kids-N-Tech Club

The Kids-N-Tech Club engages elementary and middle school students ages 8 – 14, in innovative STEM enrichment activities. The Kids-N-Tech Club welcomes students who love technology, has STEM career inspirations, loves to compete, or just want to have fun learning technology!

Our Kids-N-Tech Club gurus gather on the third Saturdays of each month to learn and enhance their tech know-how! Each month brings a different level of tech fun! Students work individually or as a team in Robotics, Gaming, Coding, 3D Printing, Engineering, Digital Photography, Website Design, 3D Printing, and all the IT they can get! The Kids-N-Tech Club takes students tech skills to the next level. Students have the option to take their talents to the world by competing in local, state, national, and international Competitions.

The Kids-N-Tech Club prepares and provides students an opportunity to compete in exciting  STEM competitions, including the Verizon Innovative App Challenge (win as much as $15,000) and the  PBS-WTVI STEM Awards.  Expert judging by technology educators and industry representatives inspires the best from participants. Team rewards include monies, gift cards, medals, and/or trophies. However, rewards and rules vary according to the competition. Parents and professionals are welcome to get involved by volunteering, donating, or fundraising.

We believe that the best benefit of being a “Kid-N-Technology” is the inspiration, enthusiasm, knowledge, and advanced skills that students gain by engaging in the Kids-N-Tech Club. The “big bang” is the recognition that our young techies receive for applying their knowledge. Participating in extracurricular activities has always been important, however, today students need to gain the necessary skills to compete in the 21st Century, therefore it  should be mandatory.

  • Build Technology and leadership skills
  • Get students involved in STEM at an early age
  • Expose students to advanced technologies that are changing the world
  • Participate in STEM Competitions that award great prizes
  • Learn and play with students with similar interests
  • Meet and work with professional STEM educators
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Provide opportunities for students to stock up on awards for admissions to school or community-based clubs, scholarships and achievement programs!
2015-16 Schedule: Saturdays – 9 AM – 12 PM

Tuition includes team gear (jackets, shirts, etc.) project materials, equipment, and software applications used in the lab and in competitions! A portion of the  team entry fees and travel cost is also included.

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