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Kids In Technology’s School Based Clubs are STEM and  STEAM enrichment clubs that engages middle-high school students in designing, building, making, and creating innovative products and take them home! Clubs are competitive and entrepreneurial-based. Students have the option to compete in local and national STEM Competitions as well as market their innovations to the world!

2. STEM or STEAM Choose Your Club:

1) Kids-N-Tech Club – High-tech coed clubs that focus on Computer Science. Students learn how to Programm, write Code; Build Robots, Design Games, Create Animations,  Professionally edit videos and pictures with Adobe Premier and  Photoshop, Build and launch a personal  Website, and much, much,  more!

2) Girls Pursuing Science Elite (GPS-Elite) – GPS-Elite Clubs is a cool after-school STEAM club for middle school girls.  GPS-Elite introduces girls to advance math and science through cosmetic chemistry. Girls make their own organic bath and body products, including makeup. Girls learn how to brand and market their own product line. The GPS-Elite Curriculum includes applied mathematics, pre-chemistry, and entrepreneurship. Each girl receives a Chemistry Kit, Personalized Lab Jacket, and Safety Glasses!  GPS-Elite…”The Beauty of Science“. Click Here to learn more.


Kids-N-Technology’s School Based Clubs combines STEM and STEAM Education with entrepreneurship to adequately prepare students for 21st Century careers and lifestyles. Our aim is to capture the imagination of students during their early years, by fine-tuning their natural abilities to solve problems, create, think, and innovate.


Since 2002, Kids-N-Technology has been  providing unique educational opportunities that engage students’ interests and talents. Kids-N-Technology is committed to providing every student  an opportunity to engage in  STEM and STEAM at the highest level! Kids-N-Technology’s School Based Clubs ensures  our STEM commitment and complete our mission to  prepare students  for  21st Century careers during their early years.


Kids In Technology’s School Based Clubs  are managed by club leaders. Club Leaders are teachers, school staff, or students.  However, all clubs must be supervised by a professional adult liaison at the school site.
Club Leaders are professionally trained by Kids In Technology to implement the club.  Our professional development sessions are  a combination of learning and laughing! Club Leaders learn the software and make all the products!  Clubs meet weekly where students are placed in the role of STEM Professionals, developing real life STEM projects.

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