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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mentor or Volunteer with Kids N Technology (KNT) and/or Girls Pursuing Science (GPS). KNT introduces kids, ages 8-18, to STEM education on the University level. KNT blends innovative technology, real world problem solving, exploration and play, with leadership, communication, and creative thinking. Students learn how to code, robotics, app development, product innovation, and how to pitch their idea to investors. The purpose of the Girls Pursuing Science (GPS) Program is to capture the imagination of girls in grades 5th – 12th to inspire creativity, discovery, and innovation. The GPS curriculum engage girls in cosmetic chemistry, product development, and entrepreneurial basics. Session activities range from making makeup to product innovation to business development. Ideally, college students in their early years of Education, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Business Administration, Marketing, or Digital Art, are the best mentors. However, Mentors at Kids N Technology are also Volunteers who have a love for humanity and want to make a difference; vary in age, background, interests, skills, and understands the foundation of learning and success. That includes you! To volunteer for Kids In Technology, Inc. you must print out the volunteer application, fill out it out, then email it to info@kidsntechnology.net. After your application is submitted you will receive an email to schedule your volunteer orientation. If you do not live locally in Charlotte, your orientation will be done online. After your orientation and background check is complete you will officially be a volunteer for Kids In Technology. You will be added to our volunteer email list and be informed via email of any future volunteer opportunities.


Q. What do volunteers/mentors do?
Volunteers/mentors help youth express themselves through technology by helping students build STEM skills; focus on developing successful relationships based on respect and trust; and understands when you teach you learn.
Q. How do I become involved as a Kids N Technology volunteers/mentor?

  • Working with student in one of the STEM Programs.
  • Contributing to Kids In Technology, Inc.
  • Recruiting other volunteers/mentors.
  • Helping in our office or at an event.
  • Bring a KNT Program to your School or Organization.
  • Enroll your child in a KNT Program.

FAQs about opportunities at the Kids-N-Technology

Q. What does the Kids N Technology mentor program look like?

The KNT focus on recruiting, training and retaining high-quality volunteers/mentors to work with youth to build their skills in STEM education and bring real world realities to that experience.

Q. What kind of time commitment is required to volunteers/mentors at Kids N Technology?

The commitment varies by assignment, however, the standard time commitment is 2 hours per week on one set day for a period of a few months. If you desire additional time, we welcome that as well. On the other hand, ff you feel like you can not make that commitment but would still like to dedicate some time, please contact us to find other opportunities that may be available.

Q. Are technical skills necessary to be a good volunteer/Mentor?

Absolutely Not! The most important skill is have a love for youth and learning. Computer Science and Engineering is a great skill to have, unfortunately, most scientist and engineers are not educators. If you happen to one of the few that are, we welcome you. If not, you are a part of the majority, and we need you. If fact, if you would like to learn or improve your tech skills or acquire experience in programming, robotics, engineering, or education, this is the opportunity for you!

Q. Will I be involved in individual or group mentoring?

KNT employs more of a group mentoring technique when supporting our youth. During competition prep, Mentors may work with one student to help build their project until the day of the competition event.

Q. What is a typical day for a volunteer/mentor at Kids N Technology?

Obviously, it depend on the assignment. However if you are working with a STEM Program, it involves teaching and classroom activities with students; office is typical admin duties. Each assignment’s duties corresponds to the job title. As you complete the volunteer application, you will see a description of each opportunity.

Q. Do you provide training for volunteers/mentors?

Absolutely. Each Mentor receives orientation and training on each STEM activity. You will actually launch a rocket before you teach a child rocketry!
You will also receive a handbook that describes the role you are taking on, KNT’s history, program policy, and implementation. Due to the rapid changes in technology, KNT provides ongoing training opportunities for all staff, volunteers and mentors.

Dear Potential Mentor/Volunteer:

Thank you for your interest in Kids N Technology. Whatever opportunity you decide to volunteer for, just know you are helping to shape and mold the next generation of innovators who will change the world as we know it today. With that being said, we take volunteering very serious. You must be responsible, dependable, and reliable.

There are four different volunteer opportunities to choose from:

  1. STEM Programs— STEM Programs are Afterschool, Summer Camps, or STEM Clubs. The program hours and locations vary. Please check the website for frequent changes. The responsibilities include teaching or assisting in the classroom. All educators are trained before conducting or working in a STEM Program.
  2. Clerical—You can help with office admin tasks such as emailing, mass mailings, social media postings, etc. You can do some of these things from home too!
  3. At an Event—you can help with registration, food, raffle, etc. (tasks will vary depending on the event).
  4. Auxiliary—You can assist Kids N Technology by joining our seasoned professionals group, The Tech Moms & Dads (ages 30 and over), in helping to fundraise for the cause or by joining a special event committee to help us with event planning and logistics.

To be eligible to be a volunteer you must first fill out the volunteer application. When it has been completed, please email it to info@kidsntechnology.net. Upon receipt of your application, you will be contacted via email to attend an orientation. After orientation you are approved to began volunteering. All of our volunteer opportunities are based on availability. If the volunteer opportunity you are interested in is filled, you will be placed on a waiting list.

Again, thank you for your interest in our program. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jacquelyn Thomas
Executive Director

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